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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wrong Route - O.F.T.G. part II ( Blue Cover )

01. Wrong Route - Live ft Vitto, Fashion Splash and C Diddy
02. Be A Boss ft C Diddy, Vitto and CEO Speks
03. Closed Curtains ft CEO Speks and Vitto
04. Dirty Money ft CEO and Sap99
05. Almighty ft CEO Speks and Fashion Splash
06. Black Mask ft Nitty, Fashion Splash and Vitto
07. Trappin Like A Fool ft CEO Speks and Sap99
08. Chalk Em Out ft CEO Speks, Vitto and Sheist Balla
09. Like Whoa ft Vitto and Fashion Splash
10. About Last Night ft Fashion Splash and CEO Speks
11. To The Money ft CEO Speks and Knick Gunnz
12. Malcolm X ft Vitto, C Diddy and Fashion Splash
13. Cease Fire ft CEO Speks

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