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Friday, December 11, 2015

CDA Bank - No Scale

CDA Bank - No Scale

01. Intro
02. Eyeball A Whole 28
03. Real
04. Knock Knock
05. Be Kool
06. Got Work
07. Brett Favre
08. Juice
09. Willy B
10. Lullaby
11. Dey Know
12. Molly & Mary Jane
13. Smoking
14. So Cold

Call it oldschool or what ever, but the feeling of walking into a store and discovering new music is unmatched. ( whether it be a music store or just the local bodega ). The MP3 download doesn't have the same excitement as holding a physical CD, Cassette or LP. Just yesterday this was just sitting on the counter in the neighborhood deli. Not sure who this is But  always interested in listening to new local talent. If you feel that way also. then download and enjoy. feel free to email us your music, artwork, or comments -

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