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Monday, November 30, 2015

Have you met Crimdella?

As his biography states, "Crimdella has come to make the blood boil in the veins of Rap. His rhymes are an arresting mosaic of images from his life as a young man growing up in the streets of Harlem, the youngest son of a legendary black activist and community organizer, his college experience as member of Alpha Phi Alpha, and from an imagination saturated by the gritty, vibrant adventures of his favorite comic books. Crimdella has been translating raw emotional language into street poetry almost all of his life. His artistry drafts mythic epics, and stark, earthbound documentaries that meditate on the meaning of black life in America over scintillating beats."

 I have had the pleasure of seeing this man perform on quite a few occasions, each time more electrifying than the next! Here is one of my favorite songs from this exciting artist who is set to breakthrough the music industry with honest yet catchy lyrics.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Guardian Leep - Out To Guard EP

01. Ready For Me
02. The Rise
03. UN Loco! ( Spanish )
04. Live From "O" Town ( Freestyle )

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Guardian Leep - Unsigned Finest

Guardian Leep - Unsigned Finest

01. From Beginning
02. MC's Out There
03. Kill Or Be Killed
04. Federation Team
05. Girlfriend
06. Need That
07. The Guard
08. Mission feat Big Ran
09. Thank You Lord
10. Neva
11. The Ache feat Mo' Reece & Big Ran
12. Kickin It
13. Behind The Words feat The F.E.D.S.
14. New Day
15. ....... To End.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bath Gate - The Kid Stays In The Picture

Bathgate - The Kid Stays In The Picture

01. Intro
02. Guess Who's Back 
03. Win Or Lose
04. Dollar Sign ( Produced By Get Large )
05. Gramsterdam Story
06. Y'all Don't Want None ft Grams ( Produced By Live Son )
07. What feat Shyne ( Produced By Koncrete Kaos )
08. Hustla And Sucka's ( Skit )
09. I Been a Hustler
10. Catch The Beat feat. Remy Martin and Shells
11. No Guts, No Glory feat Grams
12. Heat Of Harlem feat Just Blaze ( Produced By Just Blaze )
13. Welcome To Harlem
14. No Idea's Original
15. I Sell Purple
16. Winning feat Un Kasa
17. Where You Going Girl 
18. Don't Stop That Flow
19. Everything's A Go ( The Flow )
20. Badside ( Produced By Black Cease )
21. Roll Wit Me ( Produced By Live Son )
22. Never Enough ( Produced By J Rusch )

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