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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Treacherous 3 and T LA Rock. Live In Hempstead, Long Island 1985

Traveling out a liitle bit East of Queens,NY. A town by the name of Hempstead also had an early start on Hip Hop. Hempstead NY. was mostly known for the Hip Hop shows that were broadcasted live from the College radio stations. Listeners in the range of FM stations such as wrhu ( Hofstra Radio ), wbau ( Adelphi ), Stony brook or CW Post have gotten to hear the most underground raw Hip Hop that was being released during those times.

The College parties, Not to much needs to be said about those. you can use your imagination. But, I will tell you this, the shows and performances were Legendary. Everybody who was anybody came out to the college campuses to perform or promote their music.

The year is 1985. Hempstead, Long Island is the place to be. The Boogie Down BX was in the building. The Treacherous Three and T La Rock. Live In Hempstead,NY 1985

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