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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Treacherous 3 and T LA Rock. Live In Hempstead, Long Island 1985

Traveling out a liitle bit East of Queens,NY. A town by the name of Hempstead also had an early start on Hip Hop. Hempstead NY. was mostly known for the Hip Hop shows that were broadcasted live from the College radio stations. Listeners in the range of FM stations such as wrhu ( Hofstra Radio ), wbau ( Adelphi ), Stony brook or CW Post have gotten to hear the most underground raw Hip Hop that was being released during those times.

The College parties, Not to much needs to be said about those. you can use your imagination. But, I will tell you this, the shows and performances were Legendary. Everybody who was anybody came out to the college campuses to perform or promote their music.

The year is 1985. Hempstead, Long Island is the place to be. The Boogie Down BX was in the building. The Treacherous Three and T La Rock. Live In Hempstead,NY 1985

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DJ Kool G bka Ayatollah Live On The Turntables..

WHRU 88.7fm Saturday Night P5 Show. January 1993. feat DJ Kool G bka Ayatollah Live On The Turntables..

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dirty Harry - Fistful Of Dollars 96

In the mid 1990's, The mixtape scene in Queens was exploring some serious talents. If you just walked down the streets of Jamaica Ave you would find the street vendors peddling the best blends to ever be found on cassettes. One of Queens most underrated was a DJ by the name of Dirty Harry. Representing the northside ( St.Albans, Queens Village, Hollis, Cambria Heights, and Merrick ) Dirty Harry kept The Streets Buzzing.

Ten years before we would be introduced to Serato, Dirty Harry was mixing two, three, and even sometimes four records at the same time. It is still a question on whether he was using four turntables or a four track machine. Either way, His skills were still innovative.

The only downfall with the Dirty Harry Tapes was that he released them far and in between. There are not that many of them.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dota Rock's Birthday Party

Respect is due to all of the early pioneers of Hip Hop. Across all boroughs and even from coast to coast. Being that most of us were unable to attend these history shaping events, It is such a privilegde to get a chance to hear a small piece of the culture during it's creation.

This tape is of the Fantastic 5 and the Jazzy 5 MC's With The Grand Wizard Theodore On The Wheels Of Steel For Dota Rock's Birthday Party.

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Mikey D & The LA Posse - JHS 231 Playground 1986

Summertime Summertime. The year was 1986. Hotter then July was the month. Queens was on fire. Everyone was carrying boom boxes and sporting Adidas or Filas. Hip Hop was in full effect. Coming out of Queens emerged a fierce Mc's that went by the name of Mikey D. You couldn't go to a park jam on either side of Merrick with seeing him their or at least someone mentioning his name.

The School Playgrounds and Parks Became a Battleground For Rappers to challenge each other to find out who had the best game. Mikey D was one of those rappers that was never scared to take on any rapper that dared to challenge him.

This is a live performance that has taken place at JHS 231 Queens NY. In July 1986.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Baisley Park Live

During The Summer Of 1991. Hip Hop Music Could Be Heard Almost Every Weekend Blasting In The Parks Of South Side Jamaica Queens. In The Opinion Of Many People, Some Of The Greatest MC's and DJ's Were Out Of Queens. Amongst Them Were Rapper Such as Corey D, Spank G, Dota Rock ( R.I.P ). and Co Cheeks aka Mr Cheeks Of The Lost Boyz. Also There Was A List Of Great DJs Like Grndmaster Vic, Amazin Dewitt, and Cutmaster JT. Alongside Tapemaster B These Guys  Dominated The Streets Of Queens With Their Massive Sound Systems.

    While Search Through The Archives I Have Came Across This Tape Of A 1991 Park Jam That Features All Of Those Greats Plus Some Others.

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Killa Sha - God Walk On Water

Killa Sha aka Sha Lumi ( R.I.P ) . Queens Lets Salute The God. Queensbridge legend Prince A.D. stomped into the game with Tragedy the intelligent hoodlum and the super kids In 1986. Later became the DJ for Mobb Deep. Known for his scratches on Mobb Deeps hit single Shook Ones pt I. Sha went on to continue his legacy by working with legendary producers such as Large Professor, Ayatollah, Marley Marl, J Love and entire list of others. 

Sha Lumi left us extremely to early. but he left us with a great piece of work when he recorded the album GOD Walk On Water. Once Again Salute To The God Sha Lumi

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Assets Of The Rap Game

...... A Oberheim DMX, A Fostex 4track, A Pair Of 1200s, And some James Brown style break beats.

Assets Of The Rap Game - DJ TUFF THOM

Recorded At Crossdale Recording Studios, Queens NY. 1987

Scratches and Drum Programming - DJ TUFF THOM

A Journey Through Some Lost Recordings

SoundKng Collective Mixtape And Demo Collection


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